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Online work at home jobs part-time philippines

online work at home jobs part-time philippines

You can email them. WayUp (no longer online) is a New York company that teaches English to Chinese students through their platform. Tefl or equivalent certificate required, non-native English speakers are welcome to apply. QQ English looks like it is based in the Philippines, but they teach students in the Philippines, Japan, China Russia, Iran, Brazil and Korea. They teach both general and business English in group classes. Apparently, they have a lot of students (1to1 classes). Step1 Sign Up With The Advertising Companies Given Inside Our Members Area Your first step is to login into our members area and sign up with the advertising companies given inside our members area. Click here for the comments and the Tutor Supply review page. Learnlight salary: The pay (in Euros) is competitive at 10 for individuals and 12 for group classes.

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I am not sure how long their classes are, but they appear to be less than an hour. I believe they are associated with another Spanish ESL company called Learnlight. Click here for the otuk review page. After a teacher has taught 500 hours they get a 1 an hour increase. More information about this company would be great. Accent Advisor - (Click here to Apply) is an American company that specializes in teaching the American accent. But advertising companies needs real people like you who are ready to see the advertisements of different products and services of these reputed companies. Practically there is no limit to amount of money that you can earn per month from online ad clicking jobs. A tesl certificate is not necessary. Click here for the comments and the Skype English Class Now review page. They provide all the materials and curriculum. Their classes are 1 to 1 and 25 minutes long.

Vivaling is based in Singapore and they teach English, Mandarin, Spanish, French and German to children around the world. They teach kids and adults and offer business English and exam preparation courses. ALO7 tutors English to kids and prefers native English speaking tutors. They want teachers with a native speaking accent (Canada, USA, UK, Australia and NZ, native speakers or non-natives with an ielts score.0 a bachelors degree and a tefl/celta certificate. They pay between 12-16 USD per hour for individual classes, 16-20 for specialized English classes and 14-16 for group classes with incentives. They specialize in business English and exam preparation. You can email your CV to:. . International Language E-School (iles) is a Russian company with some connections to Los Angeles. Click here for the comments and the English Tutor Online review page.

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Pearson / GlobalEnglish is based in San Francisco, they online work at home jobs part-time philippines have just updated their platform and it looks great. Click here for the Rorixwell reviews page. They are looking for university graduates and students, who can also help to improve their curriculum and their. They teach kids and adults in Russia and Asia. Click here to leave a review of A Gateway. Teachers must be native speakers.

Click here for the comments and the Redwood Language review page. They have classes from 7pm 8:30pm (Beijing time) Monday to Friday and more on the weekends. Fluency Tutors is an online ESL teacher recruitment and training company based in Vancouver, Canada. They also want teachers with a bachelors degree. According to the comments they pay.5 USD per 25 minute class. Learntalk does hire non-native speakers.

Virtual Coworker - The Best Online Home-Based Jobs

The company provides online work at home jobs part-time philippines all the material and most teachers average 15 hours per week. Teaching hours are from 6:00am 10:00am EST, Monday to Sunday. They provide 30 minute or 1 hour training sessions by telephone, Skype and/or video conference (Adobe, Webex). Click here for the 61kidz review page. Click here for the NativeCamp review page. Payments : Ad Clicking Jobs All your earnings will be paid to you by the advertising companies directly. They hire the best candidates so non-native speakers are welcome. They teach government workers, university students and business professionals. Click here for the comments and the WayUp review page. Language tutors get paid 4-5 USD per hour (C1 level needed Experienced tutors will make 8-10 USD per hour (C2 level needed and two years of teaching experience and Professional Teachers can make 15 USD per hour (with.

online work at home jobs part-time philippines

List of Online English Teaching Companies - Good Air Language

Click here for the Skybel review page. Click here for the Classo review page. South Korean Companies Tutoring wants teachers with a university degree (or enrolled) with 2 years of teaching experience. I have read that they pay 2 for each 10 minute session with some incentives. OS Connect is based in Seville. Bizmates is based in the Philippines but they teach business English to Japanese students. It is unknown how much they pay. Liulishuo is an audio only English teaching platform, they have an app as well. Private Family Home Looking for Assistants Nanny and Cleaner 2v, tubli, need a house maid for 2 hours in jidAli. Open English salary starts at around 10 per hour. Click here for the Eigox review page. They want teachers who have 3 years of experience, if you have worked with British materials that is a plus.

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Gofluent salary: I didnt find out exactly how much they pay, but I have read that it is comparable to Learnlight, which is about 10 for individuals and 12 for group classes. They seem to have an interesting approach with their classes as it looks like learners can chose the topic they want to discuss and learn about. They also pay for writing correction, marking, answering questions on the platform and developing teaching materials. Having overseas teaching experience is beneficial and so is experience in engineering, medicine and other business fields. Not sure if online work at home jobs part-time philippines they are hiring. They offer lessons by Skype or in person. They use Wechat to teach and the company provides all the material.

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Some international advertising companies will pay you once your account reaches the minimum balance fixed by them. We recommend every visitor to go through this webpage more than once so as to understand the concept of ad clicking jobs properly. All classes are 1 to 1 and 45 or 90 minutes long. Click here for the comments and the PandaABC review page. Just join 2-3 companies every day. Woospeak based in France and they would like their teachers to be able to speak French. Mango Languages - (Click here to Apply) is an American company.

They teach Chinese kids aged 4-16 in group and 1 to 1 classes of 25 or 55 minutes. They pay 15 20 USD per hour with bonuses. Russian Companies is apparently based in the USA but they teach Russian kids aged 5-12. Click here for the Woogi Global review page. They want teachers with a tefl certificate, two years of teaching experience and online teaching experience. Online Teachers UK (otuk) is a small UK based company targeting mostly Russian students. Click here for the Best Teacher review page. The pay is between 18-25 USD per 50 minute class and performance bonuses are available. Most of their students are from China and they dont usually teach business English.

Virtual Assistants, Web Developers, Software Engineers, Graphic Designers, Recruitment Assistants, Lead Generation Specialists, Customer Service, Tech Support, Social Media Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Bookkeepers, Accountants. Micro Language ( link to teacher sign up webpage ) is a Chinese company that is hiring (as of September 2018) part-time English consultants. Click here for the Face Talk review page. Click here for the English Natali review page. More is the number of advertising companies that you register with more is the number of paid advertisements that you will receive in your email and more will be your earnings. Talk915 (ZTE) a new company that only wants native speakers with a tesl/tefl/tesol certificate. You do not need to pay anything to the advertising companies to sign up with them. They also teach French, Italian, Spanish, German and Chinese. EC Talk Canada is based in Canada but their students (aged 10-12) are in China.

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V2US is a new Chinese company and they are looking for teachers. Peak teaching times are from 7pm 9:30pm Beijing time. They also teach math. They do not list their requirements for applicants so non-native speakers should apply. They pay 120PHP-160PHP (2.25 USD 3 USD per hour) depending on experience.

They teach business English and exam preparation and the majority of their students are in grades 7. They teach Thai children (aged 4-12) and they want native English speakers with a bachelors degree or 3 years of experience teaching ESL to children. Skybel pays 15 an hour (to native speakers). They teach 1 on 1 and they proved the material to teach all types of English courses, including exam preparation and pronunciation classes. You will get an electronic receipt through e-mail which will confirm your successful payment of registration fee and on verification of the payment done by you we will instantaneously send your unique username and password required to login. They hire everyone, non-native speakers too, with a bachelors degree. They pay up to 20 USD per 45 minute class and a base rate of 18 for group classes.

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CarrotEnglish or Carrot Global is based in South Korea, it doesnt have the best reputation, but it maybe a good option for those in South Korea or who want to teach Korean students. ABC360 pays about 14 USD an hour initially and 16 an hour after 6 months 2 3 USD per hour. Cambly pays.17 cents per minute.20 USD per hour. Click here for the comments and the Disney English review page. They pay up to 18 an hour. Just checkout the flowchart shown below with images showing the work you need to do in ad clicking jobs. Voxy is based in New York, they want native speakers with a degree or tesl certificate. PhoneBoxLanguage / English Skype Lesson are two closely related companies based in England.

All their material is online and they give classes with Skype. Classes are all one to one and the material and training is provided. They teach both conversational and textbook English. The only really hire Filipino teachers with a BA degree and 6 months teaching experience. Woospeak salary: Starting pay is good from 16 to 18 per hour. SameSpeak is based in New Zealand, it looks like they teach mostly Asian students. Would be nice to hear from someone who works for them. Click here for the BLT reviews. The starting pay is 16-20USD per hour and there are bonuses. Click here for more comments and the Magic Ears review page. Teachers must setup their own profile and they can set their own lesson price.

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Ccss and gept standards. They want part-time native speaking teachers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. They want teachers to be available for a online work at home jobs part-time philippines minimum of 6 hours every week during Beijing peak hours (6-9pm 3 days a week 2 days during the week and one day on the weekend). You can send your resume with a coverletter and picture along with an introduction video. Face Talk (website is down) is a Chinese English teaching app. Open English is all over the TV down here in Argentina, (with some really silly commercials) I think it is quite popular across Latin America. Altoral pays 80 pesos per 25 minute class (about 3 USD per hour) and they pay with BPI every 20th of each month. Click here to leave us a review of From. They are looking for native speakers (from USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa) with a university degree and one year of experience teaching children. They pay 13 18 USD per hour depending on your qualifications.

They also strongly prefer someone with online teaching experience. Experience teaching young learners is preferred but not required. . Click here for more comments and the Learnship reviews page. Click here for the comments and Vivaling review page. They are looking for native online work at home jobs part-time philippines speakers from Canada, the UK, New Zealand, the USA and Australia. . Recently many Chinese companies that focus on teaching English to children have appeared. Click here for the comments and the First Future review page.

online work at home jobs part-time philippines

Sprout4Future (Chinese name is RouChi English ) also known to students and parents as Whales English. Tell them Mike from Good Air Language sent you. Click here for the ABC360 review page. They pay bi-weekly or monthly depending on the contract. They also offer a bonus if you teach over 150 classes per month you get 60 RMB per lesson or 210 classes you get 65 RMB per lesson and you can earn another of 200 RMB. They are only looking for native speakers with a North American accent. They pay 22-35 USD per hour with bonuses. Click here for the NIL English review page. Click here for the Open English review page. They want world-class language experts.