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Trade strategy castile eu4

trade strategy castile eu4

Likewise, countries with high Trade Power share in a node benefit more from reducing the Trade Power share of other countries than increasing their own Trade Power, although it is important to note that highly monopolized trade nodes increases. Steering Merchants determine which direction trade leaves a node. In a long run, mostly if planning to colonize North America, fur is going to get massive bonuses. Improve relations with Austria. It will also allow colonial nation who own gold-producing provinces to periodically send treasure fleets back to Castile for a moderate amount (typically 100) xauusd trading strategy pdf of ducats. For instance: If a country has 10 ducats worth of Trade Value in their main trade node and 2 ducats in another node, stationing a Merchant in their home node would increase their income by 10 to 11 ducats. You will have some competition on colonies but you should still be the biggest colonizer. You will go over land and navy force limits, dont panic and start making states in Aragon provinces. Castile /Spain and Austria must have a royal marriage, and Austria must have a Habsburg ruler. Castile can try to become the Holy Roman Emperor, by either improving relations with and allying the Holy Roman Electors or vassalizing them (though beware of coalitions forming due to the increased aggressive expansion in the Holy Roman Empire).

Tips for playing as Castile (and in general, really

If Naples is also in a personal union, integrating them will give a significant foothold in Italy, perhaps allowing an expansion into the rest of Italy (though taking Rome from The Papal State should be avoided to avoid taking. Keep mil focus on monarch point generation till you get level 4 mil tech. Navarran Succession war- This has happened to me more frequently.25 patch. It should increase your force limit sufficiently in the next few months. I would like to increase my income as my profit is only about 11 ducats/month right now. (Indus is also important, since there's a link to Hormuz, but less so for European powers since value from there finds its way trade strategy castile eu4 to the Mediterranean by a much shorter route.) Ivory Coast controls whether Asian and African. Iberian wedding If you get Naples in Iberian wedding, you can build claims on Ottomans and start cutting them down to size. If Morocco is ally, cobelligerent and take Tangiers, Melila and Fez and humiliate them. You will be above your relationship limit, so start annexing Brittany. In between colonizing the new world, you should spare a colonist for the African provinces of Arguin/Beafada to fabricate claims on Eastern Africa; Gabon/Luanda to fabricate claims on Central Africa; and Inhambane to fabricate claims on Western. Once Aragon is integrated, it is a good idea move Spain's trade port to the rich Genoa node (especially if more Trade Centers such as Provence and Lyonnaise have been taken).

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Burgundian Inheritance If you get Burgundian inheritance, start chipping away at Savoy. Invest in becoming Papal controller. Genoa trade node is a very important target here. Navarra can be easily annexed after ten years, freeing up a diplomatic relations slot for other things. Take some coastal provinces plus money. Therefore, some rules of thumb for collecting versus steering at a trade node are: If a country has no Merchants or capital downstream of the node, they should collect on that node-transferring trade strategy castile eu4 Trade Power upstream is extremely inefficient. 3) Nobility- Grant gen. Hopefully this guide will help the newer players a little bit! Release Fez as vassal and give them any non cored provinces.

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Your national ideas are only behind Portugal on colonization. Vassalizing Portugal allows for more control over the Sevilla trade node, and trade strategy castile eu4 doing so after they have committed to the Exploration and/or Expansion idea groups allows for even more rapid colonial expansion. Signing separate peaces will allow taking more land, and annulling treaties between Portugal and England will be helpful in the future. I will divide the guides into. Get first colony on gold coast. Next you should concentrate on getting the western African provinces as you start colonizing. European trade goods edit The best European trade goods are cloth, copper (early- to mid-game) and iron (mid- to late-game). It will also generate little to no aggressive expansion with most European countries, due to the invaded countries being Muslim.

trade strategy castile eu4

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Finishing the Reclaim Andalucia mission will cause the "Fate of the Kingdom of Granada" event to happen. Idea is to vassalize them eventually. You can still get the. Embargoes are most effective when: The attacker already has a large but not overwhelming Trade Power share in the trade node(s)about 50 to 80 before the embargo is best. Chase down Portugal stack with rest of the army and full siege.

I know I can kill him with a combination of general-ing him and desperate prayer to every god I've heard of, but if that fails, I fall way behind in technology and lose the race to the new world to both England and Portugal. This can be used either to attempt to become the Papal controller, or on any of the variety of bonuses that Papal influence can be spent. If England doesnt go to war with France, you can still trade strategy castile eu4 win. First French War This war is a bit tricky, but its also very important to take some land and prevent the blue blob before they get Elan. Merchant boost is also applied here. 2 heavy ships to hunt pirates in Sevilla node. Countries with low Trade Power share in a node benefit more from increasing their own Trade Power there than reducing the Trade Power of other countries. Thus, in most cases a country would have to control more than five times as much Trade Value in the capital as another node to justify stationing a Merchant in the capital.

If the node still has un-colonized provinces, colonization is an alternative. The 0/0/0 ruler also hurts, trade strategy castile eu4 badly. Then switch to diplo focus. As of Patch.2, the boost is relatively small, so near-complete dominance is required to make steering the better choice. Before 1500, primary Objective: Cripple the colonizing adversaries, secondary Objective: Colonize African provinces for conquest in Africa. If Castile does not do it France or Aragon is almost certain to, and one or both of them are likely to be Castile 's rivals.