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Forex trading in india rbi guidelines

forex trading in india rbi guidelines

The Net Open position may be calculated as per the method given below:. L/Cs established/bills under LCs to be retired/ outstanding import collection bills to be included. (v) AD Category I banks may write-off/transfer to unclaimed balances account, un-reconciled debit/credit entries as per instructions issued by Department of Banking Regulation, from time to time. The new banknote has a motif of Ellora Caves on the reverse, fx live feed depicting the country's cultural heritage a statement by the RBI said. The exchange/ clearing corporation will provide FPI wise information on day-end open position as well as intra-day highest position to the respective custodian banks. Compliance with ECB guidelines The primary responsibility to ensure that ECB raised / utilised are in conformity with the ECB guidelines and the Reserve Bank regulations / directions is that of the concerned borrower and any contravention of the. Other ECB criteria such as end-use, all-in-cost ceiling, recognised lender, etc., need to be complied with. Amount and Maturity (a) Corporates can avail of ECB of an additional amount of USD 250 million with average maturity of more than 10 years under the approval route, over and above the existing limit of USD 500 million. RBI/fmrd/2016-17/31, fMRD Master Direction.

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Pareports TO THE reserve bank i) The Head/Principal Office of forex trading in india rbi guidelines each AD Category-I banks should submit daily statements of Foreign Exchange Turnover in Form FTD and Gaps, Position and Cash Balances in Form GPB through the Online Returns. Membership i) Members registered with the sebi for trading in currency futures market shall be eligible to trade in the exchange traded currency options market of a recognised stock exchange. Non-resident exporter / importer, or its central treasury approaches his banker overseas with appropriate documents with a request for hedging their Rupee exposure arising out of a confirmed import or export order invoiced in Rupees. All derivative transactions including forward exchange contracts should be reported on the basis of Present Value (PV) adjustment. Updated as on February 28, 2018 (Revised) ) (. The maturity of the hedge should not exceed the maturity of the underlying transaction and subject to the same the users may choose the tenor of the hedge. (ii) The bank should maintain a crar.0 per cent. In addition to the above, General Instructions for OTC forex derivative contracts entered by Residents in India, as laid down under Section (I B) in Part-A of this Master Direction shall be applicable, mutatis mutandis, to covered options. D) Interest on loans/overdrafts may be remitted (net of taxes) without the prior approval of Reserve Bank. J) As part of the annual audit exercise, the Statutory Auditor shall certify the following: The amounts booked with AD Category-I banks under this facility; and All guidelines have been adhered to while utilizing this facility over the past financial year.

We declare that the information in the table below is true to the best of our knowledge and is provided in support of our application to hedge our currency risk under the past performance route using permitted foreign exchange derivative. The AD bank shall obtain from the Indian subsidiary an annual certificate by its Statutory Auditors to this effect. All guidelines applicable for cross currency forward contracts are applicable to cross currency option contracts also. I also certify that I have not booked foreign exchange forward / FCY-INR options contracts with any other bank / branch. RBI allows banks to treat IL FS expsoure as NPAs, 08:26PM IST IL FS Group companies, with a collective debt of over Rs 90,000 crore, are going through resolution process. Importers, who have already booked contracts up to previous limit of fifty per cent in the current financial year, shall be eligible for difference arising out of the enhanced limit. Moving from INR liability to foreign currency liability as in section B para I(1 iv) is undertaken, AD Category I banks must take a declaration from the clients that the exposure is unhedged and has not been hedged with another AD Category I bank. Banks and financial institutions which had participated in the textile or steel sector restructuring package as approved by the Government are also permitted to the extent of their investment in the package and assessment by Reserve Bank based on prudential norms. More nbfcs tie up with banks under loan scheme, 08:02AM IST. Strike Concentration Report Maturity Buckets Strike Price 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 3 months 3 months This report should be prepared for a range of 150 paise around current spot level. Ii) An annual certificate from the statutory auditors to the effect that the contracts outstanding with all AD category I banks at any time during the year did not exceed the value of the underlying exposures at that time. Vi) AD Category-I banks have to report their total outstanding foreign currency borrowings under all categories as on the last Friday of every month as per the format given.

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Guarantee AD Bank are permitted to issue Letters of Credit / guarantees / Letter of Undertaking (LoU) / Letter of Comfort (LoC) in favour of overseas supplier, bank and financial institution, upto USD 20 million per transaction. (iii) AD Category I banks may also invest the un-deployed fcnr (B) funds in overseas markets in long-term fixed income securities subject to the condition that the maturity of the securities invested in do not exceed the maturity of the underlying fcnr (B) deposits. For the purpose of investments in debt instruments other than the money market instruments of any foreign state, bank's Board may lay down country ratings and country - wise limits separately wherever necessary. Please note that details of exposures of all corporate clients who meet the prescribed criteria have to be included in the report. For foreign banks, the limits will cover only their branches in India. In case of doubt as regards eligibility to access Automatic Route, applicants may take recourse to the Approval Route. Infrastructure sector is defined as (i) power, (ii) telecommunication, (iii) railways, (iv) road including bridges, (v) sea port and airport, (vi) industrial parks, and (vii) urban infrastructure (water supply, sanitation and sewage projects (b) Overseas direct investment in Joint Ventures. The designated custodian bank will be required to monitor this and bring transgressions, if any, to the notice of RBI / sebi. Long term swaps (both cross currency and foreign currency-Rupee swaps) should not be included in this report. G) For hedging their long term foreign currency borrowings residents may enter in to FCY-INR swaps with Multilateral or International Financial Institutions (MFI/IFI) in which Government of India is a shareholding member subject to the following terms and. (A) automatic route (i) Eligible borrowers (a) Corporates (registered under the companies Act except financial intermediaries (such as banks, financial institutions (FIs housing fnance companies and nbfcs) are eligible to raise ECB. AD Category-I banks may enter into covered options with their exporter or importer constituents only after obtaining specific approval in this regard from their competent authority (Board / Risk Committee / alco) as per the guidelines on running Cross Currency.

The overseas exporter / importer or its central treasury approaches the AD bank in India with a request for forward cover in respect of underlying transaction for which he furnishes appropriate documentation (scanned copies would be acceptable. F) The maturity of the swap should not exceed the remaining maturity of the underlying loan. The designated bank will consolidate the positions of the NRI on the exchanges as well as the OTC derivative contracts booked with them and with other AD banks. March 16, 2012. Infrastructure sector is defined as (i) power, (ii) telecommunication, (iii) railways, (iv) road including bridges, (v) sea port and airport, (vi) industrial parks and (vii) urban infrastructure (water supply, sanitation and sewage projects (b) Overseas direct investment in Joint Ventures. Xiii) Authorised Dealers should report on a quarterly basis, doubtful transactions involving frequent cancellation of hedge transactions and / or the underlying trade transactions by non-residents under the scheme as per the format indicated in the. Fema 3/2000-RB dated May 3, 2000 (a) Lines of Credit for extending Pre-Shipment Credit in Foreign Currency (pcfc) (b) Bankers Acceptance Facility (BAF) / Loan from overseas for extending Redisctg. Floating rate notes and fixed rate bonds) availed from non-resident lenders with minimum average maturity of 3 years. Ix) A monthly statement should be furnished before the 10th of the succeeding month, in respect of cover taken by FPI, indicating the name of the FPI / fund, the eligible amount of cover, the actual cover taken, etc.

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March 5, 2002. Fema 378/2016-RB October 25, 2016 28 March 17, 2017 29 Notification. The FCY-INR swaps shall have a minimum tenor of three years. For access to etcd market, see para. Prepayment and call / put options, however, would not be permissible for such ECB upto a period of 10 years. De-duplication of Indian consumer data to complete by year-end: Mastercard, 11:30AM IST The moves comes in the backdrop of the regulator RBI asking such payment technology firms to comply with data localisation norms which requires them to store transactions data. 2) Probable exposures based on past performance Participants Market-makers AD Category I banks in India.

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The size of the USD-INR and USD-JPY contracts shall be USD 1000, of EUR-INR and EUR-USD contracts shall be EUR 1000, of GBP-INR and gbpusd contracts shall be GBP 1000 and JPY-INR contract shall be JPY 100,000. SPL-24/FC-Rupee Options/2003 dated May 29, 2003. These contracts once cancelled, are not eligible to be rebooked. All such transactions should be recorded in Form A2 and the corresponding debit to the account should be in form A3 under the relevant Returns. The FPI should also provide a quarterly declaration to the custodian bank that the total amount of derivatives contract booked across AD Category banks are within the market value of its investments. The use of Covered option shall not be considered as a hedging strategy. Hundred percent of the eligible limit.e. Depending on the source of fnance, such trade credits include suppliers credit or buyers credit. On a request by the TR, the exchanges shall report all contracts booked by such users to the TR on a daily basis. (ii) Banks authorized by the Reserve Bank under section 10 of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 as AD Category - I bank are permitted to become trading and clearing members of the currency futures market of the recognized. The custodian banks) and other AD banks. The proposed ECB not exceeding four times the direct foreign equity holding). At a single pre-defined point in time).

Traders pinning hopes on RBI rate cuts, 12:30PM IST Demand for Indian bonds is seen picking up as bets emerge that the RBI will cut rates again. Such investments may be made forex trading in india rbi guidelines in overseas money market instruments and/or debt instruments issued by a foreign state with a residual maturity of less than one year and rated at least as AA (-) by Standard Poor / fitch ibca or Aa3 by Moody's. Ashwini Agarwal is betting on these 3 sectors, 06:11PM IST Not elections, worry is over the very tight liquidity, says Ashmore Investment Co-founder. The overseas bank in turn approaches its correspondent in India (i.e. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das casts his vote in Mumbai, 10:33AM IST Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das casts his vote at Mumbais Peddar Road. Based on the above certificate, a trading member can book etcd contracts upto fifty per cent of the eligible limit as at paragraph (i) above on behalf of the concerned customer. Participants Market-makers - AD Category I banks Users Listed companies and their subsidiaries/joint ventures/associates having common treasury and consolidated balance sheet or unlisted companies with a minimum net worth. Products Forward foreign exchange contracts with rupee as one of the currencies, and foreign currency-INR options.

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Updated as on April 02, 2018 ) (. Paragraph A describes the products and operational guidelines for the respective product. Covered Call: A resident exporter may write (sell) a standalone plain vanilla European call option contract to an AD Category-I bank in India against the cover of contracted exposure arising out of exports of goods and services from India. Currency Options on recognised Stock /New Exchanges In order to expand the existing menu of exchange traded hedging tools available to the residents and non-residents, plain vanilla currency options contracts have been permitted to be traded in recognized stock. (ii) Persons resident in India may purchase or sell currency futures contracts subject to the terms and conditions laid down in paragraph 6 below. B) For the present, AD category I banks can offer only plain vanilla European options. AD banks shall report hedge contracts booked under this facility to ccils trade repository with a special identification tag. The certificate of due diligence should comprise the following (i) that the lender maintains an account with the bank for at least a period of two years, (ii) that the lending entity is organised as per. In case of hedge contracts booked in OTC market, while losses will be recovered from the user, net gains.e.

D) Forward contracts booked by FPIs, once cancelled, can be rebooked up to the extent of 10 per cent of the value of the contracts cancelled. Purpose: To hedge exchange rate risk on transactions, contracted or anticipated, permissible under Foreign Exchange Management Act (fema 1999. The facilities for persons resident in India (other than AD Category I banks) are elaborated under paragraphs A and. Annex IX See Part C, paragraph 5 (a) Overseas foreign currency borrowings Report. The AD bank in India) for a price to hedge the exposure of its customer along with documentation furnished by the customer that will enable the AD bank in India to satisfy itself that there is an underlying trade transaction (scanned copies would be acceptable). For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service back TO TOP. Capital Requirement As prescribed by the Reserve Bank from time to time.

Transfers from other Accounts Transfer of funds between the accounts of the same bank or different banks is freely permitted. An illustrative example is as follows: If a bank has, let us say three foreign branches and the three branches have open position as below- Branch A: Rs 15 crores Branch B: Rs 5 crores Branch. Details of the foreign exchange forward / FCY-INR options contracts required. Currency futures are subject to following conditions: Permission (i) Currency futures are permitted in US Dollar (USD) - Indian Rupee (INR Euro (EUR)-INR, Japanese Yen (JPY)-INR, Pound Sterling (GBP)-INR, EUR-USD, GBP-USD and USD-JPY. On cancellation of the contracts, gains may be passed on to the customer subject to the customer providing a declaration that he is not going to rebook the contract or that the contract has been cancelled on account of cancellation of the underlying exposure. (vi) On the due date, settlement may be done through the Vostro account of the overseas bank maintained with its correspondent bank in India. However, they cannot transfer or on-lend ECB funds to sister concerns or any unit in the Domestic Tariff Area. The tenor of the swap should not exceed 30 days. The value of the outstanding forward cover availed by us under the past performance route as on date is per cent of our eligibility for our imports exports. Nobody can claim their project to be tied-up with the Bank as a matter of right. B) To hedge exchange rate risk in respect of the market value of overseas direct investments (in equity and loan). (d) Import of capital goods by Corporates in the service sector, viz., forex trading in india rbi guidelines hotels, hospitals and software companies.

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Section III Facilities for Authorised Dealers Category-I. The report may also be forwarded by so as to reach the Department by the 10th of the following month. Products: Any Over the Counter (OTC) derivative or Exchange Traded Currency Derivative (etcd) permitted under fema, 1999. (d) Corporates in the services sector viz. (d) The AD Category - I banks, shall operate within prudential limits, such as Net Open Position (NOP) and Aggregate Gap (AG) limits. Under amounts hedged in Part B report the cumulative total of the hedges booked during the financial year. Ii) Removed iii) AD Category-I banks should consolidate the data on cross currency derivative transactions undertaken by residents and submit half-yearly reports (June and December) as per the format given. Data to be submitted based forex trading in india rbi guidelines on banks' books and not based on corporate's return. RBI to issue new 20 rupees denomination note It is better to stay on the sidelines and not make investments right now: Sunil Subramaniam, Sundaram Mutual, 05:47PM IST Global investors do not want to commit money into emerging markets, says. The pricing of all forex derivative products should be locally demonstrable at all times. Iii) Capital funds raised/augmented by the issue of Innovative Perpetual Debt Instruments and Debt Capital Instruments, in foreign currency, in terms of, and Perpetual Debt Instruments and Debt Capital Instruments in foreign currency issued in terms.

B) The funds so raised may be used for purposes other than lending in foreign currency to constituents in India and repaid without reference to the Reserve Bank. The currency of hedge and tenor, subject to the above restrictions, are left to the customer. Notification / Circular Date. Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) engaged in micro fnance activities are eligible to avail ECB for Rupee expenditure for permissible end-uses. August 26, 2002.

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E) The notional principal amount of the swap should not exceed the outstanding amount of the underlying loan. September 25, 2012 21 September 5, 2013 22 September 26, 2013 23 May 21, 2014 24 December 10, 2015 25 December 10, 2015 26 Notification. RBI reference rate and New York closing rates on the date of report may be used for conversion purpose. The policy for ECB is also applicable to fccbs. Participation in the currency futures market in India Please refer to Part-A Section I, paragraph. Customers are advised to exercise discretion and are required to make independent and discreet inquiry into forex trading in india rbi guidelines such projects and satisfy themselves on the credentials of the project before taking any decision to involve/invest into such project. H) The past performance limits once utilised are not to be reinstated either on cancellation or on maturity of the contracts. An FPI cannot take a short position beyond USD 100 million equivalent across all currency pairs involving INR, put together, and combined across all exchanges. The option position of the banks, on their own account, in the exchange traded currency options shall form part of their NOP and AG limits. Consumption theme faces risk of de-rating: Jagannadham Thunuguntla, Centrum, 01:50PM IST India story is consumption and there is a big question mark over that, says Thunuguntla No gold shifted outside India in 2014 or thereafter, says RBI refuting reports.

forex trading in india rbi guidelines

External commercial borrowings (ECB )

All-in-cost Ceilings over 6 month libor. AD Category I banks desirous of running a foreign currency-INR options book and fulfilling minimum eligibility criteria listed below, may apply to the Reserve Bank with copies of approval from the competent authority (Board/ Risk Committee/ alco detailed memorandum. The profit/ loss of the hedge transactions shall be settled in the bank account and books of accounts of the Indian subsidiary. Operational Guidelines, Terms and Conditions The user shall appoint an AD Cat-I bank as its Designated Bank. When the bank owns an option, the amount should be shown as positive. Parking of ECB proceeds overseas ECB raised for foreign currency expenditure for permissible end- uses shall be parked overseas and not remitted to India and ECB raised for Rupee expenditure for permissible end- uses shall be parked overseas until actual requirement in India.

The issued herewith shall be amended suitably simultaneously. B) The term long-term exposure means exposures with residual maturity of one year or more. While the first bank will be privy to the details of the remitter and the purpose of the remittance, the second bank, will have access to complete information from the recipient's perspective. I) The Delta of the option contract would form part of the overnight open position. Users Foreign Portfolio Investors(FPIs Investors having Foreign Direct Investments (FDI Non Resident Indians (NRIs Non Resident exporters and importers, Non Residents lenders having ECBs designated in INR. Overall net foreign exchange position is the higher of (iv) or (v).