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Bitcoin price analysis news

bitcoin price analysis news

Weve had quite a few 4000 tests since about 3:00 PM PST yesterday, setting a new 24H High of 4021.53 on Binance. Bitcoin price analysis bearish wave getting stronger Bitcoin price continued dropping throughout Sundays trading sessions, recording a low of 7,809. The last upside wave stalled near the channel resistance at 12,180. If bullish reversal is confirmed, bitcoin price will mostly rise all the way up near the 9,500 price level. . However, as the stochastic RSI is approaching the.2 level, indicating that bitcoin is currently oversold. Bitcoin price has been recording lower highs and higher lows during the past few weeks, as shown on the above chart.

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As always, remember in these markets that they can turn in either direction in an instant. As stated above the next marker to break out and hold above that is the 4160 level. We are in strong bearish markets, with another slight bull uptick. Bitcoin price weekly analysis - All the way up to 9,800 Bitcoin price continued on soaring along Aprils new bullish trend to score a 10 rise in value during last weeks trading sessions. Another bullish engulfing pattern was formed on Friday, and signaled another bullish wave that pushed bitcoin price upwards again to 7,080 on Saturday. As bitcoin price is now well below the.8 Fibonacci retracement (8,796.10 the next crucial support level lies around 6,141.30, which corresponds bitcoin price analysis news to the.4 Fibonacci retracement. The Stochastic oscillator values around 50 at the moment.

Will the current downwards trend continue pushing bitcoin price to even lower levels? Charts from Bitfinex, hosted on m BTC price weekly analysis breaking the symmetrical triangle pattern A brief upwards price correction attempt pushed bitcoin price upwards to a week high of 9,177, last week. We set a new 24H high this morning on Binance of 4065, with a current slight retracement. Conclusion: The bitcoin price began rising throughout Thursdays trading sessions to record a high of 11,904. Were looking at macd, MA, RSI, and Stoch RSI Indicators with Fibonaccis, trend lines and support/pressure lines drawn at various points of reference. TRX price is down more than 18 and it is now trading well below.0280. Chances are high that bitcoin price will continue on soaring, at a relatively steep rate of rise, due to the fact that the next significant resistance levels lie around 11,080 and 11,788 respectively. I know its hard but the emotional side of trading is a killer. Bitcoin price analysis, More wild bull/bear whipsaw action this morning with a strong bull spike setting a 24H high of 3671.87 on Binance. This is a crucial zone that we need to push through and hold. When bitcoin started to become oversold. The Conversion Line bitcoin price analysis news (blue line) has crossed above the Base Line (red line).

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Looking at the charts here we like to analyze the various time frames, utilizing varying indicators/tools that are at our disposal. The week in review Looking at bitcoin price charts, weve been seeing that tight channeling between all week so far, waiting for a breakout that holds above or below the support/pressure lines. This reflects the resistance that bitcoin price faced near this level. For those who do use a credit card, make sure its in manageable amounts and that you are able to cover the cost with next months bill. Another downwards correction attempt began on April 15th and is currently still active, yet it is expected to stop once candlesticks start touching the lower Bollinger band. The SMAs of the Williams Alligator indicator are realigning themselves to exhibit a bullish signal. A look at the bitcoin price charts Here were looking at the 60M 12/27/18 BTC / bitcoin charts at 20:28 PM PST: Next were looking at the 30M 12/27/18 BTC / bitcoin price charts at 20:29 and. By CCN: Travis Kling, a former L/S Equity Portfolio Manager at Point72, a hedge fund with 13 billion in assets under management (AUM has said in the long-term, every. The uptrend that has been evident since February 6th is getting bitcoin price analysis news stronger, so we can expect an even steeper rate of rise during the upcoming few days. Looking at the bitcoin price charts Here were looking at the 30M 12/31/18 BTC / bitcoin charts at 12:02 and 12:06 PM PST: Next, were looking at the 30M 01/01/19 BTC / bitcoin price charts at 12:39, 07:09, 07:11. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! The Stochastic oscillator is currently above 80, so bitcoin is considered to be overbought at the current price level.

Bitcoin price is oversold as evidenced by the Stochastic oscillator, which values around 7 at the moment. A continued hold here above 5500 will put us into the zone. The latest bitcoin price charts Today well examine the 30M, 4H, 6H, and weekly 01/28/19 and 01/29/19 BTC / bitcoin price charts at 22:39 PM PST and 02:32, 06:06, 07:20, 07:21, 07:23, and 07:28 AM PST, looking at macd, MA, and Stochastic. As mentioned in that post we have been channeling for most of the week, anticipating bitcoin price analysis news a break above or below the support/pressure lines. We can note the following: After dropping temporarily below the lower trend line of the ascending channel (two parallel blue trend lines on the above chart) during Tuesdays and Wednesdays early sessions, bitcoin price resumed moving throughout the channel once again.

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Our technical analysis is in favor of continuation of the new bullish wave, so we can see the resistance around the.8 Fibonacci retracement (8,796.10) tested during the next 48 hours. While neither gold, nor bitcoin, meet any of these criteria, lets focus on the latter of the two. Our technical analysis predicts continuation of the current bullish wave, so we can see the resistance around the.2 Fibonacci retracement (13,087.30) tested during the current week. As I write this, we just set another 24H high of 3476.36! On Saturday, an upwards price correction attempt took bitcoin price up to test the resistance around the.8 Fib. We can note the following: Earlier on Tuesday, bitcoin price dropped down to test the support level around 6,141.30, which corresponds to the.4 Fibonacci retracement. Thanks guys for putting these events together! We need to see bitcoin price rise above these two important SMAs, before a powerful bullish wave can push price upwards to test the resistance around 10,941.8, which corresponds to the 50 Fibonacci retracement. Here were looking at the 30M 12/22/18 BTC / bitcoin price charts @ 15:20 15:29 PM PST: Here were looking at the 30M 12/23/18 BTC / bitcoin price charts @ 06:23, 07:01, 07:03, 07:06 07:11 AM PST Price analysis provided by Alt Trading Systems. We can note the following: After dropping down to a days low of 8,428 early during Sundays trading sessions, bitcoin price rose up to 9,375. Bitcoin price charts Here were looking at the 1H 30M 12/31/18 BTC / bitcoin charts at 05:40, 05:41, 09:21, and 09:23 AM PST: Lastly were looking at the 6H, 12H, daily, weekly and monthly 12/31/18 BTC / bitcoin price. Btcusd is currently correcting lower, but it remains supported near the 11,000 level. Crypto hedge funds reported a three-fold increase in assets under management (AuM).

As long as the market cap is above the 210.0B and 200.0B support levels, there could be a fresh increase in bitcoin, Ethereum, TRX, LTC, EOS, ripple, ADA, XLM, WTC, BCH, and ICX. The mentioned channel support is significant, since the 50 SMA is positioned at 11,050. Sundays trading led to the formation of a bearish candlestick on the 1 day btcusd chart that closed below the.8 Fibonacci retracement. But dont be surprised if we see it pull back a bit. The Williams Alligator indicator has been sleeping with a closed mouth during the past two weeks.

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Dont let euphoria take control! Connect with the bitcoin price analysis news author. With that being said there is going to be a lot of resistance here between. Bitcoin price analysis Last night we had a significant drop at 10:00 PM PST, setting a new 2019 low of 3405 on Binance. This pattern is an important sign that marked reversal of the bearish wave, as price began to rise recording a high of 7,880 on Tuesday. Chances are high that we can see bitcoin price test the resistance around the 50 Fibonacci retracement (10,941.60) before the end of the current week. But, these get rich overnight offers along with the #MiningScams and the I Sell BTC. Even though the price rose temporarily above this resistance level, recording a day high of 9,506, it dropped within less than four hours below. As such, we can expect to see an upwards price correction attempt that heads towards the.6 Fibonacci retracement (8,655) during the upcoming 24-48 hours. Its looking like it is winding up to test these support/resistance levels again. Either way, extreme volatility. At least during the housing crisis of, a tangible asset, like property, could be foreclosed. However, a bearish candlestick with a relatively long body has just been formed, and a bearish engulfing candlestick pattern can be seen now on the chart.

The scams abound in our industry which severely hurt us in the long run on attaining mass adoption. Right now, the trough of the right shoulder is forming. Weekly bitcoin price analysis Bulls taking up the reins, Jan 15, 2018 The bitcoin market witnessed a bearish trend throughout the past week, as prices dropped from around 15,900 to 13,100 during the weeks trading sessions, recording.6 drop. The SMAs of the Williams Alligator are exhibiting a bearish alignment, and the alligators mouth is open and eating in the downwards direction. Also, the signal line (red line) is still below the macd line (blue line). The market currently exhibits high levels of volatility. Were currently seeing more of a dip right now setting a low this morning of 5195.89 with a slight retracement trying to hold in the mid 5200s. A bitcoin price analysis news look at recent bitcoin price charts Here were looking at 30 minute and weekly 04/27/19 04/29/19 BTC / bitcoin charts, using macd, MA, RSI, Stochastic RSI, and KST Indicators with Fibonacci, Trend, and Support/Resistance Lines drawn at various reference. Todays bitcoin price charts Here were looking at the daily 01/11/19 BTC / bitcoin price charts at 06:15, 06:17, 06:20, 06:22, 06:23, 06:34, 06:48, 06:51, 07:08, and 07:09 AM PST, looking at macd, MA, RSI, Stochastic RSI Indicators, with trend lines. As such, bitcoin price may bounce off this level starting a short upwards price correction attempt, before the markets bears take the upper hand again. It is highly recommended to refrain from opening new long positions until this pattern is reversed to exhibit a bullish signal. Moves like yesterday definitely put the FUD in the market. Looking at the charts today you will see that yesterdays drop hit the 3500 support zone hard and began channeling.

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As such, even if a price correction attempt becomes evident, it will be brief and the bitcoin price analysis news bullish wave wont lose much of its strength. The most logical scenario is to see bitcoin price rise near 8,800, then drop down a bit via price correction attempts, before we can see a more powerful bullish wave take the reins again. Later, the price started a downside correction and moved below the.6 Fib retracement level of the last wave extending between the low at 10,291, and the high at 12,184. However, even if bitcoin price begins to rise, it will be faced by strong resistance around 10,831.50, which corresponds to the.8 Fibonacci retracement. 3400 is also a strong support level right now. Sure the manipulators are making big money from their actions, but dont you think that they would make more by getting the masses to come to the markets? Bullish engulfing pattern apparent on the 4 hour btcusd chart: We will examine the 4 hour btcusd chart from Bitfinex, while plotting the 20 period SMA, the 50 period SMA, and the Bollinger Bands indicator, as shown on the below chart. Yet, this proved to be a false breakout as the price climbed afterwards above this critical support level during the next few trading sessions.

PoW, start Date, jan 3, 2009, difficultyAdj. New uptrend line obvious on the 1 day btcusd chart: Now, lets examine the 1 day btcusd chart from Bitfinex, while plotting the 100 period SMA (green curve the 200 period SMA (red curve and the Williams Alligators SMAs, as shown on the below chart. This means that the bearish wave is still strong and that the resistance levels on the upside are much stronger and less likely to be breached when compared to the support levels on the downside. Charts from Bitfinex, hosted on m Lambo index: How bitcoin won as an asset class and lost as a currency. Downwards price correction attempts will be halted near 8,600, which will reverse any downwards price movements. If an open green (bullish) candlestick is formed after Fridays trading sessions are over, we can confirm that the bitcoin price will start rising again towards the 13,000 price mark within the next few days. OTC scams, mining scams, high ROI scams, ICO Scams, IEO Scams, exchange scams. At this stage, the 50 period SMA may also be acting as a level resisting further price drop.

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Our sentiments are the same from bitcoin price analysis news last nights post. Digital currencies arent going anywhere and these are exciting times, and markets. By CCN: In the past 24 hours, following an intense 25 percent rally within a seven-day span, the bitcoin price has slightly retraced to around 7,000 from its peak. The idea is to use proper risk/money management. Thats why we must collaborate and work harder together this year to help make our blockchain community / crypto community stronger, as well as strive to push the boundaries on the positive side for stronger blockchain awareness and crypto awareness. Currently we have had a slight retracement and have pulled back to the mid 5700s. Key Findings: Bitcoin price traded as high as 12,184 (data feed via Bitfinex) before starting a downside correction. Also, the RSIs value is currently around. Bouncing off the 50 Fibonacci retracement on the 4 hour btcusd chart: Lets study the 4 hour btcusd chart from Bitfinex, while plotting the 50 period SMA, the Williams Alligator indicator, and the macd indicator, as shown on the below chart. Here were looking at the 30M, Daily 01/18/19 #BTC / #Bitcoin Charts @ 05:46, 09:00, 11:31 AM PST 12:47, 15:47, 15:58 16:00 PM PST Looking at macd, MA, RSI Indicators. An atypical piercing pattern was formed on the 1 day chart (the two candlesticks highlighted by an ellipse on the above chart). An Elliot wave sequence can be spotted on the one-day BTC/USD chart above. Bitcoin price rose successfully to a high of 10,409 during Mondays trading sessions.

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As bitcoin achieved a new 2019 high and recovered. As per our technical analysis, bitcoin price is likely to drop down near 8,500, after bouncing off the bitcoin price analysis news resistance around 9,453.10 (61.8 Fibonacci retracement). Now, lets examine the 4 hour btcusd chart from Bitfinex, while keeping the Fibonacci retracements we plotted earlier, and plotting the 50 period SMA, Bollinger Bands, and the Stochastic oscillator (see the below chart). It is going to be interesting to see what happens here in the coming days and week. There is a major bearish trend line forming with resistance at 11,000 on the hourly chart of btcusd. What is the lowest level we can see during the current bearish wave? Dollar in the past 24 hours following the 38 percent rally of bitcoin. On Tuesday, there was a drawdown on a fairly large volume; still, the sales were absorbed and the price did not move. Technical indicators on the hourly chart are stable, but bitcoin price remains at a risk as long as it is below 11,000 and the 50 period simple moving average (SMA).

One thing about the withdrawals is that they will either land in other exchanges, hopefully for people not to liquidate and try to recoup losses, or they will hodl in wallets, and wait it out to see where things land here. Conclusion: Bitcoin price rose to record a high of 9,000 during Mondays trading sessions, before dropping down to a day low of 8,313 on Tuesday. Even with the obvious bitcoin price manipulation going on, this test is at a crucial point. A formation of a bullish candle on the 1 day chart, after Fridays trading sessions are over, shall signal the start of a new bullish wave. Dont fall for scams! Bitcoin price has successfully breached the.8 Fibonacci retracement (horizontal blue line on the above chart which corresponds to 8,796.10. This is evidenced by the wide price range of the 2 hour candlesticks on the chart. Retracement was breached, four small bodied candlesticks with relatively long upwards shadows were formed. As such, we can consider that the.6 Fibonacci retracement is still resisting upwards price correction attempts, despite the temporary overshooting above it on two incidents. So, will bitcoin price resume rising, after Wednesdays brief downwards price correction attempt?

Crypto Market Trims 30 Billion: Bitcoin Cash, BNB, EOS, TRX Price Analysis

While the bitcoin price bitcoin price analysis news fell below this level twice, it rose above it within less than two hours on both occasions. Even though this SMA is sloping in a downwards direction, candlesticks are now closer to it than they were 72 hours ago. A brief upwards price correction attempt may become evident for a brief period and may take bitcoin price near 7,000, before the markets bears take the upper hand again and continue on pulling the price downwards to lower levels. Those who have not paid the balance on their credit purchases, could face a nightmare scenario. Were still in the wild west here, for now Whatever you do, dont buy into the fomo or panic sell on these super fast and wild types of moves. Breaking out and holding above that 4160 level would be significant, setting the stage for the next bullish markers we are looking. Also looking at the Stochastic RSI we are well above the 80 Level on the 2H daily time frames, and near the 100 level on the weekly. We can note the following: After falling temporarily below the ascending channel, bitcoin price soared to move again between the channels trend lines.

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Thanks again for all of the support and engagement! By CCN: Bitcoin must have been struck by lightning the Lightning Network. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. The macd indicator is also exhibiting a bullish signal, as bitcoin price analysis news it is in the positive territory, and the macd line (blue line) has just crossed above the signal line (red line). How high can we expect bitcoin price to go? Here were looking at the Daily 12/21/18 BTC / bitcoin price chart @ 21:39 PM PST: Here were looking at the 30M 12/21/18 BTC / bitcoin price chart @ 21:41 PM PST Here were looking at the 12H. The blue macd line has crossed above the red signal line. Hedge Funds Headline.

30M-2H pushed well above the 70 level, with the 4H 6H pushing to the 70 level. Shortly after we saw an immediate retracement and spike back up to 5510. When its downward shadow dipped below the lower Bollinger band, this denoted that bitcoin was oversold. Higher highs have been recorded during most of last weeks trading sessions. Also, the SMAs of the Williams Alligator are still exhibiting a bearish alignment and the alligators mouth is still open and eating. As part of its. I hope you all have a fantastic time, be safe and have fun! At the same time, many industry insiders openly admitted that there was a bubble and repeatedly warned new investors that prices were volatile. During the mentioned correction, there was a break below a short-term connecting bullish trend line at 11,600. The more people that become aware of all of the benefits that blockchain technology and digital assets can bring to the world, the better it will be in whole. 3400 is now the new support zone and a crucial level. It is the nature of the beast with an unregulated market. So, will bitcoin price continue rising towards 11,788 before the current week is over?